This Season So Far…

10 Oct

Episode 1 – The Daisies Don’t Smell So Sweet Anymore…

The season begins with our Hero, Justin Thyme, returning from spending the summer at an opera camp in Upstate New York. On his arrival he discovers that his roommates are not only moving out – they’re moving out RIGHT NOW. He’s given three weeks to find a new apartment with his long time friend Eric as things begin to get heated on the home front. Justin and Eric find a great apartment except there’s one catch – it won’t be available until the 12th of september and he has to be out of his home by the first! Where will he go? What will he do?

Episode 2 – It all comes out in the grind pt 1…

After posting a status update on Facebook Justin gets an invitation from a long time friend and massage client, Amy, to stay with her and her family until his apartment is ready. Meanwhile Eric has gone MIA before the applications for their apartment had been submitted. Anxieties rise as Justin worries about both the whereabouts of his BFF and the future of his living situation.

Episode 3 – It all comes out in the grind pt 2…

The episode opens with Eric calling Justin to tell him he had been in the hospital for days but was starting to feel better. They meet and finalize their future living situation just in time to secure the apartment. Amidst the maddness someone has sparked Justin’s attention – and they met on an iPhone app. They begin exchanging emails several times a day and agree to meet for coffee. The day before the coffee date Justin accidentally falls asleep in the pool and gets an intense sunburn. Feeling like a total douche bag he cancels the date and lathers himself in shaving cream to cool the burn as he prepares to move into his new place.

Episode 4 – Sometimes we drink…

Justin and Eric are moved in – well enough at least. DFW is experiencing one of the worst storms in the last 100 years. It’s pouring outside so they’re unable to move anything beyond air mattresses and blankets – and of course a TV. They’re in their apartment but it’s still bare of furniture. The night they move in they purchase 2 bottles of champagne and a bottle of wine, finish both off, then decide to take a walk through the rain to the Boy’s Ranch walking trail behind the complex. On the way Eric slides down a hill and loses his glasses but doesn’t realize they’re gone until they’re back at the house. Justin goes back to the site of the accident and finds Eric’s glasses.

Episode 5 – Goodbye to old rubbish.

Finally their apartment is furnished and things have begun to return to some kind of normalcy. Meanwhile, Justin has agreed to meet his internet guy for coffee yet again. He meets Gary, an attractive guy a couple years older than himself. They spend 3 hours at starbucks before they have to go on with their days, but continue to text message each other for the rest of the day. The two see each other several more times before Justin leaves to house sit for friends on the opposite side of the metroplex including a “parkin” trip to office depot. The episode ends with Justin leaving his cigarettes at home and deciding not to buy another pack.

Episode 6 – A weekend to Remember

Justin is housesitting for friends with a giant house and a crazy dog. He’s three days smoke free now and dealing with it well. Gary comes over for the weekend and after a romantic night together they decide to be exclusive. They spend the rest of the weekend going to museums and enjoying their time together.

Episode 7 – Miss Hot Tamale…

Justin gets a job working for a theater company producing a play called “The Miss Firecracker Contest”. He’s still house sitting, still watching over three dogs, and still smoke free. Gary leaves for vacation. Justin hasn’t been home nor has he seen Eric in a week. Home sickness begins to creep in – WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT??

One Response to “This Season So Far…”

  1. Marv 10 October, 2009 at 2:52 pm #

    I think you should start issuing royal proclamations. That’s what I’m hoping will happen next….

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