The Peace Prize, Really???

13 Oct

The past few months have been a total whirlwind for me – I’ve lived in New York, I’ve moved back, I’ve shifted around like a vagabond, I’ve gotten moved into a new place with a new roommate, I’ve quit smoking, and took over three small third world countries.

“Nuff said.

Anyway, so much has been happening in our world that I haven’t even been able to keep up with it. For instance – Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize? What the eff? For what? See, this is why politics suck ass. I really really want to like this man. And so far I’ve completely pink puffy hearted him. But an effing NOBEL PEACE PRIZE?

I’ve been trying to research why, exactly, Barack Obama was awarded the nobel peace prize but I really can’t find a definite answer. The most I can gather is that he was awarded the prize for things that he’ll probably do later – and of course this conjures a huge red flag in my little conspiracy oriented brain. I think we should love or hate our politicians for what they have done or are doing, not what they may potentially do in the future. This makes no sense to me, it’s the point where people begin to love a politician blindly which has proven in the past to be non-beneficial.

The official answer on is “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”.

But it’s only been 9 months… has he really done that much in 9 months? And he was nominated just after he was elected… And he accepted it! I just don’t understand, I really want to know what extraordinary efforts he’s made – details damnit I need details! This award is given to people that have made dramatic accomplishments in medicine, Mother Theresa – a woman who hung out with lepers, The 14th Dali Lama! And now Obama? Did they loose it to him in a dice game? Was there nobody else up for it this year? Unfortunately we won’t know until 2059, the list containing the 205 nominees won’t be released for 50 years.

It’s been so much fun actually liking our president for once, it’s exciting to think he could be a president that would unite the world – but he *hasn’t yet*.

Just to lighten up the mood a bit – WHAT THE EFF is this woman doing?

Is it bad that I’ll sit and watch youtube for HOURS just to make fun of the people in the videos? The emo “video bloggers” are the most fun usually, but THIS LADY… WHY?? I’m waiting for her next video entitled “Simple Sara – Lard Stuffed Carbohydrate Balls” followed by her final video “Simply Sara – Self Induced Diabetic Coma with a side of Coronary Failure”. She makes me want to go purge myself of the heart-healthy oat meal I just ate.

And yes, the swine flu is still amongst us. What’s my solution? Turn all your kids over to the government for extermination. Too harsh? Get your effing kids shots. My roommate found out the other day, before they moved out, that the white trash family of 20 that was living next to us hadn’t gotten their kids shots yet, and that’s why they ran wild around the neighborhood instead of being the state’s problem for the better part of the day.

And I swam in the same swimming pool as them *shudder*. Now my roommate just tells me since I’ve been gone CPS came to our door to ask questions about them. LMAO.


One Response to “The Peace Prize, Really???”

  1. Marvo 15 October, 2009 at 4:18 pm #

    Granted, in terms of actaul concrete things done, not much has happened yet, but there has been a massive change in tone and attitude to the rest of the wrold, and America is seen in a much better light as a result. Good things will come, so a goor choice for the Nobel Prize. Not everyone was happy though:
    Two people in my office have got swine flu. But I’m fine (too old for it apparently!)

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