Quitting with Facebook…

14 Oct

Today marks, officially, my two weeks without any form of nicotine. Along the way, I facebooked my progress like CRAZY. I’m sure my posts got annoying at times, but eff it. It got me through. Everyone’s quitting experience is different, but here’s a visual journey with me as I quit smoking and how it effected me. And now, I shall detail my journey as only my facebook updates can tell.

October 1 at 1:14pm
Justin Thyme has embarked on the road whose course does not turn back. “Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat” – Ancient Sumerian Phrase. 24 FULL hours of no nicotine of any kind. Screw gums and patches and ihalers, I’m done messing around. If I could take a 6 gauge needle through my ear lobes I can do this shiznit cold turkey.

October 2 at 12:59am
Justin Thyme wonders how he can feel so amazing and intoxicated by life and STILL feel so insanely miserable. I’m staying strong though!!!

October 2 at 9:24am
Justin Thyme good morning clean lungs!

October 2 at 10:46am
Justin Thyme hopes all these werthers originals and blow pops I’m orally fixating on don’t make me fat.

Justin is in a relationship with the Dragon. (tee hee)

October 2 at 3:57pm
Justin Thyme made it through walking through clouds of smoke from the white trash gas station attendants, going into the local head shop to look for ear rings with all the employees smoking, and seeing a fresh, open pack of cigarettes on the bar at my apartment. *stuffs blow pop in his mouth*

October 3 at 7:55pm
Justin Thyme So I switched my addiction from cigarettes to hard candy, and when the Dragon and I went museuming I forgot to fill my pockets with blow pops and werthers. I checked in all the gift shops at all the museums we went to and couldn’t find any kind of candy much less MY brand, then we turned a corner in the Modern and there it was – a RIVER of hard candy. That I wasn’t allowed to eat. They may as well have just filled a room with Camel No. 9’s.

October 4 at 2:34pm
Justin Thyme is enjoying a FABULOUS green apple blow pop.

October 4 at 9:22pm
Justin Thyme has quit smoking for: 6 days, 20 hours and 21 mins. I have saved: 23.11 Dollars by NOT smoking 68 cigarettes!

October 5 at 9:01am
Justin Thyme Another smoke free morning… Today is one week since my last purchased pack!!

October 5 at 1:16pm
Justin Thyme there’s no such thing as a bear sheriff. Do you think I’m afraid of you?

October 6 at 1:15am
Justin Thyme absolutely disgusting.

October 6 at 1:16am
Justin Thyme this too.

October 7 at 1:46am
Justin Thyme Loves werthers

October 8 at 12:26am
Justin Thyme Has saved $40 since quitting. That’s nearly a bottle of patron!!!

October 10 at 11:37pm
Justin Thyme Thinks it’s amazing what he can do when he applies himself.

October 12 at 8:42pm
Justin Thyme Is two weeks smoke free today, and i’ve saved $60!!! (even thought it was 2 weeks since my last purchased pack…)

October 13 at 11:37am
Justin Thyme for the first time in two weeks I finally feel like the hard part is mostly over.

October 14 at 11:00am
Justin Thymetoday is EXACTLY 2 weeks since my last cigarette “slip up”. 7 more days and the habbit is totally broken! I’m going to write a blog called “quitting with facebook”.


One Response to “Quitting with Facebook…”

  1. Marvo 15 October, 2009 at 4:08 pm #

    Well done Mr Thyme! May I be so bold as to suggest that the dollars you are saving, you put aside for a Justin treat. You know Justin likes treats!
    (seriously, the first time I gave up I funded two of us flying to San Francisco)

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