Gaga + Alexander McQueen…

15 Oct

Lady Gaga premiered her new song (due out on the re-release of “The Fame – Monster” in late november) at the exhibition of McQueen’s spring/summer 2010 line “Plato’s Atlantis”. This song, “Bad Romance” is built for the runway. It’s pointless, talks about love but in a generalized but off-beat way, has an easy beat to strut to, talks about fashion… Everything about it SCREAMS runway.

And I always love Alexander McQueen. He’s weird. Eccentric. Great friends with Christian Lacroix. He always makes stuff that’s fun to look at. This year his line is inspired by Atlantis, ad this is what I learned about the Atlantean people.

They’re all born without eyebrows.

They all have shiny, shiny faces.

The Atlantians craft their shoes out of pure fashion ore which, when worn, feels much like crushed glass which is why they walk with a borish lumbering gate. It was harvested from fashion mountain in the center of Atlantis. SIDEBAR The Atlantians also created Itally that’s why it’s shaped like a boot.

Atlantean people are born with satelite dishes in their hair so they can pick up the style channel. But they spell it “Style Chanel” for obvious reasons.

OK so although it may seem silly from the quick walk through to a Gaga song, check out the closeups of this line. It really is amazing, I EFFING LOVE these shoes.

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