Yeah, so i dance when i eat.

3 Nov

It’s 7:41 am. Daylight savings time has got my mind in a twist. I have this thing where sometimes I’m totally not responsible for my actions when I wake up, like this morning -I just woke up at the laundromat. I’ve got Tegan and Sara in my ears, laundry in the washer, and i’m sitting by the old Frogger game.

So I ask myself –

Why the hell are you doing laundry before you’ve even watched Roseanne?? Harvey AKA personality #2.

I woke up confused because of the whole daylight scavings thing so apparently I went back to bed and Harvey started his day.

So just now when I – or Harvey – had breakfast, two kids and their mom walked into the donut shop. They were a cute family, the mom couldn’t park for crap but I forgave her. Anyway, as I noticed I was dancing while eat and stopped (yes I do that sometimes. And if it’s really good I sing too.) I noticed this cute little family was a spitting image of te pictures I’ve seen of my mom, brother, and sister from the 70’s. The brother had short red hair, the sister long blonde hair, and the mom straight brown hair.

That totally sparked an interdimensional cunundrum in my poor little brain, I think I had a string theory moment. What universe did I wake up in? Is this 2009? Where am I? Is my efing laundry done yet?


So I had to leave. Now I sit by the frogger game drinking some of the worst coffee ever poured. About to miss Roseanne. It’s gonna be a great day.

I think the two Hispanic ladies here are washing clothes for their entire commune. When I put my clothes in the dryer they both gave me odd looks which I’m used to, but it was like I tresses on their property.

I just noticed I picked a dryer right in the midst of the 13 dryers they were using. No joke. 13 of them. They can’t be Mormons though, they’re too brown. I can just picture their hoard of children scurrying around the house like cckroaches.

Hold on – yup, she just dropped another one. It a gurl! Probably a pregnant one at that. The other woman here with her just picked it up, cleaned it off, showed it to it’s momma then took her out to the car as the new mother finished loading the dryer.

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