Miley. Effing. Cyrus.

7 Nov


So today I finally saw the Teen Choice Awards video for Miley Effing Cyrus’s performance.  All I can say is isn’t it illegal to pimp out your children?  What third world country did the Cyrus family fall out of?  Isn’t Iraq missing some white people?  And even moreso – what GOOD parent lets their daughters be influenced by this media fabricated train wreck?

At least Britney and Christina and all the other Powerslut Girls had a coming out period.  They did the whole good girl thing for a while, but here comes Miley Effing Cyrus on her hillbilly hellwagon to slut up the USA.  For one, the girl can’t sing.  For two, the girl can’t sing.  And for three, the girl can’t sing.  Her father is literally selling her underaged vagina to the entire world.

WHY, at 16, would you want to make your mark on the music industry as a tacky white trash whore?  I bet Billy Ray slaps her ass every time she walks by him in their trailer too.  Those two are so completely inappropritate, but the most AMAZING part is YOU LET YOUR STUPID CHILDREN LISTEN TO HER.  You let them watch Hannah Montana.  She has a MARKET to sell to.  There are PEOPLE, IN AMERICA, that TRULY enjoy listening to her.

In my humble opinion if you just went out and bought your tween daughter her CD you should take that and the booty shorts you bought her back to wal-mart, then voluntarilly drop your kids off with Child Protective Services so they can at least HOPE to achieve hookerhood the right way.

2 Responses to “Miley. Effing. Cyrus.”

  1. Real Prick 7 November, 2009 at 6:07 pm #

    Took the words right out of my mouth. I don’t get why more people aren’t up in arms about the pedophilia going on with the pimping out of this female minor child.

  2. Justin Thyme 8 November, 2009 at 1:16 pm #


    That’s exactly what it is, pure and simple pedo-effing-philia and it’s a sad, sad thing that because their family has “star power” she hasn’t been removed from their home and placed in protective custody.

    That’s another issue though, if a 50 year old man allowed his 16 year old daughter to be photographed in a not nude but sexually suggestive way then shared them with his friends he would go to jail.

    Billy Ray Cyrus allows not just pictures but video to be SOLD of his daughter all over the effing country. He lets her give burlesque-style stage shows wearing booty shorts and tank tops EVERY NIGHT, ALL OVER THE WORLD, and he’s celebrated as some kind of icon.

    It’s child exploitation, plain and simple.

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