More joy in movie theaters…

24 Nov

My little experience the other day with the rude little girl in the movie theater reminded me of the time my mom and I took my cousins to see Aladin.  Or at least I think it was Aladin, that was at least a few gallons of alchohol ago.  I was really young.  Actually I don’t even really remember who else was there besides my mom and I.


So we’re watching the movie, everything was great, it was a nice day at the movies with family.  Then, from behind us we hear a little girl talking to her mom.

“Mommy I gotta potty!” She said, like most kids do during movies but her mom shushed her.

“Mommy I gotta potty now!”  She said again and the woman told her NOT RIGHT NOW…  Really?  You’re really going to tell a child no you won’t take them to the bathroom in the middle of a children’s movie?  Are you THAT wrapped up in the plot and storyline that you can’t split for 4 minutes to take your kid to the bathroom?  Are you that committed to the character developement?

Again she insisted that she NEEDED to use the restroom which her mother finally replied with “Just go right here!”  SERIOUSLY?  You’re REAALLY going to tell your child to URINATE in a MOVIE THEATER?  This really couldn’t be happening.

A few seconds later we noticed a stream flowing down the slanted floor.  Yeah, this really happened.  We were thoroughly disgusted, moving our feet to avoid the human filth.  My mom didn’t want to make a scene by calling her out in the theater and really I’m not sure why more people didn’t notice, I guess we were the only ones in earshot of them.

The worst part was my mom realized her purse was right in the middle of the river now flowing at our feet.  She picked it up and left the theater taking it into the bathroom to try and salvage the contents.  I think she managed to save the important things like her checkbook and wallet and such, but all of her makeup and such were ruined.

She told the manager of the theater and I’m pretty sure he cut her a check right there for what happened.  I don’t think we got to finish the movie but we waited around outside for the audience to empty.  After the last people exited my mom said “I think that’s her.” And stared her down hard.  The woman walked by quickly in shame but the problem is she wasn’t sure who we were and we weren’t sure who she was because theaters are dark and there were a lot of people in there so it’s useless to make a scene.

Yes the events in this story are true, I’m not bright enough to sit around and make this crap up.  Why would a parent do that?  In what country is it ok to drop trow and do your business where you stand?

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