Some say angry, I call it “passionate”

27 Nov

It’s been brought to my attention that I come across as angry in a lot of my posts.  I mean when I say things like ” It’s like listening to a dog getting it’s anal glands espressed while playing Sonic the Hedgehog with the volume full blast.” in reference to Dam-A Ambert-La’s (I say it like that so I don’t give him any google power) new album, or that I want to “hold his head under water until the bubbles stop” I’m not really ANGRY per say, I’m just very passionate about my subject matter.

I don’t hate Dam-A Ambert-La out of anger, I hate him out of passion for good music.  Which he does not produce.  And when I bite little girl’s heads off in the movie theater I don’t do it out of anger, I do it out of passionately disliking rude children.

Whenever I write things like ” What kind of selfish son of a bitch would make other people late because they want to be comfortable?” about people driving slow in the passing lane, I’m not ANGRY, I’m just passionate about driving, and being respectful on the road.  I mean is it too much to ask that people are courteous on the road?  Is it too much to ask that people use the information given to them in defensive driving class?  Is it too much to ask that people STOP being a douchebag for the few minutes they’re driving on the road, considering it is a large piece of heavy machinery that they are operating and they CAN in fact kill people?

Do you not agree when I say “In my humble opinion if you just went out and bought your tween daughter her CD you should take that and the booty shorts you bought her back to wal-mart, then voluntarilly drop your kids off with Child Protective Services so they can at least HOPE to achieve hookerhood the right way.”?  Is that so far off base?  Do you seriously think it’s ok to exploit a 16 year old girl, potentially ruining her sense of self esteem when she eventually balloons out to twice her current size as most women from her neck of the woods do?  I mean seriously, she won’t always look that good, I mean her hips are already thick, it won’t be long before they look like a curdled tub of cottage cheese.

But seriously, I’m REALLY not that angry of a person.  I guess stuff gets lost in translation.  Sometimes people take me a bit too seriously – and I could make an active effort to be more appealing, happier, write shiny public friendly material but if I did that I wouldn’t be the DUNDERBRAIN! would I?  This has inspired me more for DUNDERBRAIN2010.  In D2010 nothing will be held back, nothing is sacred.  I’ll be adding new content such as ASK DUNDERBRAIN!, a special section where I answer all your lovely questions about anything and everything.  I invite everyone to write in with your topics, suggestions, and concerns.  This year I’m giving DUNDERBRAIN!  to the readers.

One Response to “Some say angry, I call it “passionate””

  1. Chastity 28 November, 2009 at 10:34 am #

    are mickey and minnie married? Cos minnie has her own house at disney land…why?

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