Ask DUNDERBRAIN! oh no, religion…

3 Dec

Martin asks:

Are the views of the christian right christian?

Dear Martin,

WHOAH!  Easy – you’re getting Ask DUNDERBRAIN! started with a bang.  This is a big one to chew, ok – BREATHE – here we go…

A year ago I wrote a blog called “The Death of the Christian Right” right after Obama was elected.  Everyone had their own hopes for the new change being issued in with a president boasting change.  Now that I look back on it Obama was kinda like Santa to a lot of us.  Everyone had this idea of what his presidency would bring.  Some people just knew that it would mean the end of the ban on gay marriage.  Others thought it meant they wouldn’t be poor anymore.  Hell even some people believed it would be the end of the war on drugs.  Personally I was hoping for the end of the religious right.  Unfortunately as far as change goes, not much of it has happened that we as the public have been able to see besides the fact that we don’t have a self-rightious idiot in power anymore.  I mean really, knowing George Bush Jr was drunk behind the wheel of our country was enough to keep me in a nice solid depression.

Something I have discovered over the past year, this being the first year I’ve been an adult conscious of adult issues without an oppressive president in power, is that the religious right still has power even if they aren’t directly in power.  This happens all over the world and it goes far beyond Christianity, and in no part of the word does it seem to do any good.  Seriously, the religious right-ers are like the guy at the party that walks around telling everyone the dangers of drinking and smoking while trying to take the beers out of their hands and spray a fire extinguisher into their face to put out their cigarettes and feel they’re completely justified in doing so, like it’s their right to do so.  Then, when people finally get tired of it and kick their ass, they ball up on the floor screaming that they’re being prosecuted for being a christian.

In America the breakdown of religion goes like this:  About 78% Are Christian, about 50% being protestant and the other 25% being catholic.  Only about 1.7% are Jewish and a whopping .6% are Muslim.  .7% Are Buddhist and .4% are hindu, and another few percent making up the strange little religions like ECKANKAR and the Raelians.  The other 16% of us don’t really care.  We have better things to do with our time but this isn’t good enough for the majority.  Some people aren’t happy until absolutely everyone is the same and we’re this giant culture of borg-like entities.

So really the answer is no.  No, the views of the Christian right aren’t christian, they have nothing to do with Christianity.  They have everything to do with selfishness and power.  Christianity is a beautiful religion based on love and respect for your fellow man, not backing the power of a group of individuals.  Religion should be a way of life, a set of morals to live by not a method of oppressing any individuals or group of individuals.

One Response to “Ask DUNDERBRAIN! oh no, religion…”

  1. Martin 3 December, 2009 at 1:20 pm #

    I couldn’t agree more!
    No Jedi listed?

    I’m suprised that figures are not dissimilar in the UK
    I liked the party analogy.

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