White Dog Turds…

3 Dec

Martin writes:

In the 1960s and 70s dog poo was white. Why?

Dear Martin,

When you first wrote this to me I thought you were putting me on.  Every day I take my dogs outside and when they do their business I take a plastic bag and pick it up and their ugly little turds are always brown, so of course I wrote back asking what the eff you were talking about for which you replied something starting with “Ah, perhaps you’re too young”.  Well turds are turds, I thought, they didn’t just invent brown turds when I came along in 1981.  Little did I know, I was horribly wrong.

Considering I live in the Güero Ghetto NOBODY cleans up after their dogs in my complex.  I’m constantly dodging little dried up turds and now that I think back on it they do turn a bit grey when they dry out.  It sparked my google sense so I started browsing and as it turns out dog food used to be a LOT crappier (teehee) than it is now.

Over the years dog food makers have stopped using bone meal in dog food replacing it with stuff that’s a little better for your dog (like cats).  Back in the 60’s and 70’s though the stuff was LOADED with it, increasing the raw calcium content of dog crap.  As the bile (digestive excrement giving poo it’s brown color) begins to dry the excrement it looses it’s brown color and the white from the undigested bone meal becomes more prominent.

Now dried up dog turds turn more of a grayish color depending on the quality of food they eat.  Also, you don’t see this as often because in more civilized areas of the world dog owners are expected to be responsible by cleaning up after their dogs.  Doggie sanitation stands can be found in nearly every park you go to now providing an easy solution to your dog crap problems.  If you ever want to see some come to my complex, they’re all around the sanitation stands.


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