7 Dec

I love to google.  One could say I’m a googlin fool.  My current lifestyle doesn’t define time by “days of the week” so mondays really mean little to me besides my friends can’t come out to play during the day, but I hear it can really get people down.  So here’s some stuff that cheered me up, maybe it’ll turn your monday frown upside down as well.


The toys on here are absolutely high-larious.  They remind me of the old Garbage Pail Kids from the 80’s.  I think they tried to bring them back a few years ago but for some reason gross isn’t as parentally acceptable these days, even though most of the parents now probably had the whole collection as a kid.  These are my favorites:

and finally

Check out the rest at GOBBLER TOYS!


I dunno, I loved the bunny on the first page.  Its just a bunch of weird pics, I can’t gather much else from it that that.  I was entertained and that’s all that matters.  I love the snippet from the kid’s quiz “5. Can a man reproduce with only one testicle? answer: No girls to find that shit attractive” and the teacher writes “nice try.” LOL!



This video made me think of my friend Sarah so I had to post it.  I think it may possibly have the potential to fry your brain though.

A couple old favorites 🙂

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