DUNDERWEEK in review AKA DUNDERBRAIN lightning round…

18 Dec

I was a total recluse this week, I missed a ton of crap.  So lets do a little run-through of the things that went on.


That’s right folks, I was as shocked at you are.  When my roommate’s sister told him that Shakira sang Santa Baby at Rockafeller center and DIDN’T sound like a deaf person when she sang I could hardly believe it, until I watched it.  Sure enough, she sounds like she actually took time to learn the language she was singing in before performing.  There are a few times where she sounds a little duh duh-ish but for the most part she’s great.  You can always tell when a person doesn’t know the language they’re singing in and it’s totally annoying.  Like the LAMEbert, but he has no excuse his first language is english.  I know it’s about a month old already but I was stuck in love land for 3 months so I’m way out of touch.  Anyway, watch the video.


Apparently the atheists are at it again, persecuting the Christians.  Is it just me or are the fundamentalists always looking for an excuse to be victimized or otherwise play the martyr?  So many times I’ve hear BS like “Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world” and I say it’s about time.  For literally over a thousand years the religion ruled with an iron fist torturing people for believing otherwise just as was done to their own savior.  Still to this day America is ruled by Christian law even to the point that we still can’t buy hard liquor on Sundays, even in a country that boasts freedom of religion.  And even though christians make up over 75% of the country THEY are still the ones that are persecuted.  Not the gays that they forbid to marry, not the countries that we are trying to steal oil from, nope.

Now it’s CHRISTMAS that’s under attack.  I can’t count how many facebook messages I’ve seen saying “it’s merry christmas, not happy holidays” which is crap, there are more holidays in December than Christmas.  Personally I’m not Christian, the only reason I celebrate Christmas is my family is totally invested in it and it’s an excuse to see them.  If that buys me a ticket to fire and brimstome that’s fine, I’m queer (that means I’ve got an extra ticket if anybody wants to come along) but I seriously doubt that’s the case.  I have a satisfactory relationship with my higher power without having to give any church my money or really put forth any effort what so ever.


So this week Uganda is trying to make homosexuality a crime.  I mean I know Africa is pretty ghetto but seriously, this is just retarded.  The bill isn’t screwing around either, if you even ACT like you wanna do it with a guy you can go to jail for life, and for “aggravated homosexuality” or repeated offenses (often times I think I’m an aggravated homosexual…) you get THE DEATH PENALTY.  CNN quoted David Bahati, a member of Uganda’s parliment as saying the bill “aims to protect the cherished culture of the people of Uganda against the attempts of sexual rights seeking to impose their values of sex promiscuity of the people of Uganda.”

WTF???  This is coming from a country who, on their flag, have a picture of a CHICKEN.  That’s right, a CHICKEN.  They’re just mad because gays have taste and they obviously do not.

One Response to “DUNDERWEEK in review AKA DUNDERBRAIN lightning round…”

  1. Marvo 19 December, 2009 at 6:26 am #

    Are you sure that’s a chicken on the Ugandan flag? Looks like a cock to me.

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