14 Jan

Here it is folks – the moment we’ve all been dreading/yearning for – I’m leaving for sunny San Diego!  I’ve got about 30 short sleeve shirts packed, all my electronic goodies, books (I’m gonna learn how to read!), and enough clean white socks to get me into 2011.

Naturally I’m pretty pasty.  Youch! I thought, as I prepare to embark upon this voyage into a land dominated by the sun.  All the cuties there are going to be tanned and gorgeous – I had to do something so yesterday I broke down and got a spray tan.  It was an interesting process, a friend of mine who has all the equipment did it.  This morning though I woke up and looked like an Oompa Loompa, my skin way WAY orange.  I decided not to freak out until after my shower and sure enough as soon as I got in all the tan product that was still on me rinsed away and I was left with beautiful sun kissed skin!

HA!  Trick’s on THEM!  I never SEE the sun!  My hands got a little George Hamilton-y but I’m crazy.  I compulsively was my hands sometimes.  So I’m not too worried.

In about 12 hours or so I’m going to be in Las Cruces, NM where I grew up eating some of the best Mexican food in the world.  BETTER than Mexico even, because it’s NEW Mexico.  Newer is always better.  I’ve made this drive a dozen times at least so this trip will go a lot faster than my drive to upstate New York this summer.

Well that’s enough of a scatter brained blog for one morning.  Maybe I’ll get started on a road blog today.  Then hopefully I’ll finish it.


One Response to “D DAY”

  1. Marvo 14 January, 2010 at 12:45 pm #

    Pale and interesting is the way to go! If you’re worried, just befriend one of my countrymen – we’re usually grey.

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