San Diego Weather AND The Green Flash

25 Jan

Before I got here I heard stories about the natives of San Diego and their 4 degree temperature tolerance which of course I laughed at.  Naturally in Texas I wear shorts year round.  I own jeans now, I just bought them a month ago or so and I wear them when it’s too chilly but normally I’m a year round shorts type of guy.  Here though, it’s totally different.

Right now it’s 57 and I’m friggin COLD.  It’s so bizarre to me, normally in Texas I’d be sitting outside with a light jacket on but here, when it dips down to 49 at night I’ve got 4 blankets and I actually wear a hat to bed.  I WEAR A HAT.  I’m sitting inside and I’m chilly, but if someone came over right now they would say it was sweltering in here.  There has to be some kind of thermal dimensional oddity in this town.  I blame it on the ocean.  I came here thinking I’d leave with a sun tan but now that my mystic airbrush fake bake tan has faded I’m paler than I was when I began.  And I still have a few zebra stripes from that god awful tan too.

Speaking of the sun, I was lucky enough to see a GREEN FLASH on the sunset yesterday!  It was amazing, I had heard about them on Pirates of the Caribbean but beyond that I figured it was just a made up movie thing.  Little did I know it’s a REAL thing, when the sun sets on the ocean on a perfectly clear day when the atmosphere is just right and the moon is in Aquarius a flash of green light can be seen as the sun disappears into the horizon.

It was really cool, I wasn’t even expecting it.  I was watching the sun set from the Pier and the people around me started talking about it saying “wait for it – wait for it -” and as the sun went down they all said “WOW!  Look at that green flash!” And sure enough, there was a flash of green light.  Considering this is the 5th time I’ve seen the ocean in my life and the first perfect, unobscured sunset on it I thought it was a pretty common thing.  When I told my friends here about it they got excited and said that it’s really really rare to see one.

So that was pretty damn cool.  I did some research on it and its some kind of optical prism thing that happens when the conditions are right, so I feel totally lucky.  I’ve got a little time left in this awesome little town so I’ll make sure and keep the world updated, since lately it seems like a few extra eyes have been on me O_o


One Response to “San Diego Weather AND The Green Flash”

  1. Marvo 26 January, 2010 at 2:26 am #

    How is your paranoia coming on? Eyes watching you? Please….. we live in modern times, CCTV cameras are everywhere.
    Green flash sounds exciting! Did you see the recent blue moon? I couldn’t be arsed to get off the sofa…….

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