The Apple logo is the new rainbow flag…

1 Feb

has anybody else noticed how pretty much every self respecting queer has bought into the apple empire???

I’m on my plane back to Dallas now. yeah, San Diego fell through. Plenty of BS to go around, someday I’ll write about exactly what the BS entailed and the details about how about 25% of my family are inbred assholes that got ghetto rich and think they’re better than their white trash roots and have somehow achieved a level of piety that puts them above the others that sprang from the same loin they did. eff them, as my mom said they’re nothing more than modern day philistines. whatever that means.

Anywho I’m on my way back home now and there’s a total cutie sitting in the row next to me. when I see a cutie it’s always hit or miss – are they a big ol
mo or are they not?

I studdied him a bit and everything was setting off my gaydar. The hair. the inappropriately tight jeans. the cute tookas. Everything is saying “yeah, I’m a big homer” and then the final detail nailed it in. he whipped out his mac book.


Sure a lot of straight guys own mac books. They probably have a pair of chucks in their closet and wear fitted
t-shirts too. I’m not saying anything about their repressed sexuality but they probably dress like a fag.

oops. my brother owns a mac….

anyway. let’s see if het gets off at el paso or Dallas and then let’s see if I still think he’s cute enough to ask to a meal in a well lit enviornment, physical contact restricted to a handshake.


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