Letter to my little DUNDERCATS.

16 Mar

It’s been a rough start to the year folks, I know I’m tired already.  So far I’ve nearly gone homeless twice yet managed to claw my own way out of the depths and yet here I am again, right back on top.

So much has happened, and a lot of things in my life have changed.  If there’s a moral or a theme to the year so far it’s been know who you know, and know who you trust.  If that sounds just a tad cryptic it translates as understand the people in your life, don’t clutter yourself with acquaintances and distant friends.  Get in touch with people that are important to you, stay in touch with them.  Time can be worse than a Earth crust displacement my friends.  Time if not tended can tear even the closest people apart.  And then (pretty self explanatory) know who you trust.

Trust is such a delicate thing and even the closest of friends and tightest of families can be completely estranged because of issues with trust.  I lost family because I wasn’t trusted enough, and I’ve lost friends because I trusted too much.  Needless to say my cards haven’t been played as intelligently as they could have been.

The DUNDERBRAIN camp has suffered some heavy losses so far, so much to the point of shutting down in lieu of the PR department issuing official statements in press release after press release so.  Questions like “Why only a few weeks in California?” and “What happened to your roommate?”  grow tiresome when answered in repetition.

Finally though, normalcy has resumed and the DUNDERBRAIN! Is back up and running.  If you’re not already, make it a point to fallow @DUNDERBRAIN on twitter and become a fan on Facebook.  In addition I will be frequently publishing short stories on the DUNDERBRAIN! As I am currently working on a hot new line of swanky fiction tales.  As sappy as it sounds they’ll probably be mostly stories about love in one incarnation or another.  Hopefully by the end of the year I will have at least one story in a national publication, that’s my goal at least.

Most importantly I need YOUR help to make the DUNDERBRAIN! Grow.  I’ll be working hard to keep you all entertained so help me insure that I can keep doing so for a long time.

I love you dearly and always my dunderkits,



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