So my cousin wanted to know about a kink club…

16 Mar

Oh, my cousin… She’s awesome, and I’ve actually just rediscovered her recently. When you discover family that you haven’t really known your whole life you begin to discover that you’re not quite as black of a sheep as you thought you were.

The other week she sends me a message on the facebook asking if I knew where to get pierced. I told her about a little head shop close to my house that I buy ear rings at that do it and I’ve heard they’re pretty good. I’ve been thinking about getting a few more holes myself so I was on the same page as her.

I asked her what she wanted to get pierced and she wouldn’t tell me so of course I figure it’s either her nips or some other no-no part. I think it’s so funny when people try to be secretive about something that becomes really obvious ONLY if it’s beaten around the bush about, so to speak. I mean if I REALLY didn’t want you to know what I intended on getting pierced I would go with a good, old fashioned default lie like “my bellybutton”.

So then today I’m browsing through status updates and I see hers asking about the Sanctuary in Dallas, and basically what the hell it was. So I go check out the website here. BLAZAM whoah – they don’t mess around at this place. It’s The Sanctuary for Lifestyle Arts, basically a leather kink club. I browsed around the pics because honestly they crack me up, that and it’s fun trying to figure out what exactly they use all of these crazy implements for.

Not being one for pain much myself I steer pretty clear of that scene in general, plus for some reason it seems like leather people have Chlamydia or syphilis. I gotta say, leather folk have an incredible gift with syntax. When you read the events calendar, the descriptions read like a trip to club med or a church social. Here’s an excerpt:

“We would like to invite all people interested in expanding their safety skills to attend the upcoming Certified DM Training program being held in Dallas. This program is open to all interested parties regardless of club or group affiliation. If you are interested in
expanding your knowledge of BDSM First Aid and serving your community as a qualified Dungeon Monitor, this two day training session is for you.”

BDSM FIRST AID!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHA! I nearly wet myself when I read that. Just in case you fall out of a sling and gash your head on a spike collar. The best part about the entire month was the “DFW 12 step recovery meeting” just in case you prefer to attend your AA/NA meeting with a rubber ball in your mouth.


One Response to “So my cousin wanted to know about a kink club…”

  1. Marvo 16 March, 2010 at 1:52 pm #

    I was a milk monitor at school, and later a prefect. Maybe I should study to be a Dungeon Monitor………
    Hmm, maybe not.

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