It’s all just Ben Gibbard farts anymore…

19 Mar

How is it that there are about a dozen new bands out right now that ALL sound just like The Postal Service? I’ve been letting Genius on iTunes recommend new music to me and no joke, it’s like Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello opened a clone factory and started American Idoling out new music.

I first noticed it when I heard that jazzy new song from Owl City on the radio.  I was totally stoked, I had been hearing rumors about a possible upcoming release from Postal Service but I found out I was horribly wrong, it was some new kid on the scene.  OK, whatever… he sounds JUST like them.  Ben Gibbard could have farted out that song “Fireflies” off a couple taco bell 5-layer burritos in his sleep.

Then I checked out the new compliment soundtrack to Alice in Wonderland called “Almost Alice” and found another PSclone, Motion City Soundtrack.  I’ve seen their name around before and I’m sure I’ve heard other stuff from them but again, JUST like postal service.  Sure they probably have their subtle differences but in the end it’s all just Ben Gibbard farts.

And today I picked up the new album from Faded Paper Figures called “Dynamo” and sure it’s a great album but it’s MORE Ben Gibbard farts!  Their sound and feel, even the lead singer’s voice is like listening to more Postal Service.  Is this just the way music is now?  Did I listen to dyke music for so long that I lost touch of what indie music has turned into?

Did I get distracted and get old?  Lately I’ve felt around 50, 47 on a good day maybe.  Thankfully I don’t believe time is truly linear and I can turn it back a bit, and really by the minute I can feel myself shrinking back down to good ol 29.  Maybe by the end of the month I’ll be back in my early twenties again.


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