We got a hater folks…

26 Mar

I’ve always heard that you can gauge the number of people that love you by the number of people that hate you.  Does that make sense?  I’ve been writing the DUNDERBRAIN! for years now and this week we got our very first hater!  That’s right kids, we HAVE arrived.

One of the joys of being the editor of a swanky little dog and pony blog like DUNDERBRAIN! is you have to keep your audience in mind, they are after all what makes the little “Who Loves Jt?” line graph in the stats section of my WordPress dashboard rise.  That means approving every comment that comes through and staying true to the nature of the DUNDERBRAIN!.  It’s like maintaining the site’s feng shui, you know?

I LOVE getting comments; they’re like crack to me.  God bad ugly, whatever they may be I love them.  However when the comment section begins to get a little too heavy I gotta shut it down.  Unfortunately sometimes this involves disapproving comments if it starts to stray from the vibe of the entry.  There’s a point when a comment thread can begin to detract from the original content and when that happens I gotta cut some of the fat and yeah, apparently this can piss people off.  But really bloggin is free so anybody can get their own soundboard.  I’ve found that debates are usually best kept to message boards anyway.

So is the nature of the internet though, it’s a wild, misconstrued place filled with misinterpretations, miscommunications, misunderstandings, and a whole slew of other misses.  There’s no way of really conveying things like sarcasm, tongue in cheek, dry humor, coy sexism, or sincerity for that matter.  It’s just all a bunch of letters and numbers strung together to communicate an idea by a bunch of people that suck at communicating.  I’m a constant victim and culprit with this myself, I’m constantly trying to find ways of improving my personal online communication but no matter what at some point communication inevitably will break down in some way or another.

So whatever, eff it, you know?  If you like what you read, chill and and DUNDERBRAIN! It up for a while.  If not, piss off.  I eat hater-tots for breakfast.


One Response to “We got a hater folks…”

  1. Marvo 26 March, 2010 at 1:12 pm #

    Does this mean that Dunderbrain! has become controversial. Cool.

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