The Adventure of Reef Smoothy

7 May

reef smoothy size 15!

A few years ago I had a debit card that really got me in trouble.  I had ATM cards before but that was my first real debit card that I could but stuff online with.  First off I got memberships to netflix, Columbia House DVD club, and participated in a few special offers to get a free XBOX 360.  Within a month my card was WAAAAY overdrawn and my account was closed.  Needless to say I’ve been very reluctant to get another bank account  and since then cash worked just fine for me.

Then a few months ago I took the plunge and got a real bank account with a real debit card.  I’ve been in love with using it because I actually spend a LOT less money with it.  I literally check my bank account online a few times a day so I’m always aware of what’s going on.  With cash if I break a $20 for a $5 item the whole $20 may as well be gone because small bills are so easy to spend.  I guess it just works easier for me to see the big picture  – and the fact that it’s somewhat inaccessible helps.

Anyway I’ve been very responsible with shopping online with it.  I’ve really needed a new pair of flip flops, I have giant feet and the ones I have now are just a bit too small but I try to pull it off anyway.  I probably end up looking like one of the people you see at the driver’s license office but I don’t care, I HATE shoes.  I would go barefoot all the time if I had m choice.  So After I dropped way too much money on my niece and nephew’s 18th birthdays I decided to splurge a little on myself and ordered a pair of really cheap brand new GIANT sized flip flops off!

So I get an email the other day from Zappos that says something like “Surprise!  You’re order shipped early!” That’s so tits, I thought, maybe I’ll get them this week.  In the email it gave me the tracking info for my package and I totally have to give UPS props – their tracking rocks!  I’ve been watching the journey of my flip flops since they shipped out yesterday.  My order is on “The Greatest Adventure” right now like from that old Hobbit movie.

It was really cool though, right now my flippy flops are on a truck driving around the metroplex, when they arrive it will be like finishing a novel.  I guess online shopping isn’t really all that bad, as long as you do it responsibly.  Besides, with all that freakin cash the widdow of the deposed president of Argentina is sending me it won’t really matter what I spend online.


One Response to “The Adventure of Reef Smoothy”

  1. G funk 7 May, 2010 at 9:48 am #

    Lol, love it. (: 2 Big Toes up.

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