Where for art thou, DUNDERBRAIN!

22 May

So it’s been a couple weeks since the last post but with good reason DUNDERCATS.  The DUNDERBAIN! is in a chrysalis right now, metamorphosing into a whole new entity.  I’m assembling a team, my “dream team” of DUNDERCATS to help me build the DUNDERBRAIN! empire.  We’re going to be changing to a weekly format instead of daily, it’s much easier for me to edit and keep up with.  Despite most common belief I do have a life that I’ve gotta live, otherwise there would be nothing to write about here!  The all new DUNDERBRAIN! will be delivered to subscribers on sunday morning just like the big fat newspaper.  We’re all really excited about the new format and I think all of you DUNDERCATS out there will totally love it.  Until then folks, there’s 2 years worth of archives to read through so there’s destined to be something in there to entertain you!

Much love and kisses,



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