Heard it on the Radio…

23 Jun

As many of you have noticed DUNDERBRAIN! has been on a little hiatus.  I HATE NOT WRITING, but what I hate most about not writing is atrophy.  Like any other muscle your mind looses power when it’s not actively used and even the simplest tasks like writing a 250 word blog entry seem impossible.  I like to call it a pruning time, like every good bush has to be trimmed before it will grow… huh huh I just talked about trimming bush.

So anyway, tonight I was a special guest on the Brandon Kinney Show which airs on Fishbowl Radio.  I met the host on the internet, as so much networking happens these days and he shot me a message last night asking if I would be a guest on his show.  So I did it, and we had a great time.

My Dragon mentioned how close his name was to Brian Kinney, one of the characters on Queer as Folk and I totally couldn’t get it out of my head.  I was really trying to consciously say BRANDON Kinney and I really made it until probably the last 15 minutes or so before I slipped up and said Brian.  I’m just happy I didn’t call him Darrel.  Or Sal.

Right now I’m feeling just like Roseanne in “The Morning Becomes Annoying”, you know the episode where Big R gets a job on Good Morning Chicago and says  “Everybody thought I was a bitch but what I have is an opinionated blue collar outlook”.  It’ll only be a matter of time before I’m on Oprah and The View.

I’m booked again for next week, so make sure and tune in!


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