23 Jun

Planning for Utopia: An introduction (or a Manifesto)

Martin Strange – Brighton UK

Utopia. It doesn’t exist. But the fact that it doesn’t exist shouldn’t stop us from working towards it.

I woke up this morning to the news that Israel had boarded a flotilla carry humanitarian aid to Gaza, and shot a dozen or so so of the “protesters”. Israel has taken it upon itself to mount an economic blockade of the Gaza strip, but does allow humanitarian aid through – according to the UN, up to a quarter for what is needed. Yay!

For some time British Polluters, er I mean, British Petroleum have been liberating oil trapped under the sea bed. How very generous of them. If dolphins were as intelligent as they’re cracked up to be, they’d be refining than and selling it to the humans.

Although the problems of the World weigh heavily, I find myself thinking…… what the hell am I going to have for breakfast? I’ve been up for over three hours – a mug of tea, three mugs of coffee and four cigarettes haven’t fully satisfied me. So I’m going to have another coffee and inspect the contents of the fridge with a view to eating.

Here is the manifesto – sort of – in a form you can dance to.


  1. Martin 23 June, 2010 at 2:14 pm #

    er, here’s that little something to dance to….

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