28 Jun

Every now and then I like to throw some interactive status updates out on facebook to see what kind of comments I get on them.  This week the starter line was:

I would love to contact my ex but…

#1:  my ouija board is broken and I don’t have enough goats blood to draw a pentagram.

#2:  “institutions” don’t allow incoming calls.

#3:  I’m not sure which corner to check first.

#4:  I haven’t seen any dogs running around with peanut butter on their face…

#5:  but i’d have to look under a bunch of skanks to find him. 🙂

#6:  he’s in an urn on the mantle.

#7:  then, why would I even THINK such a thing?

#8:  I have class 🙂

#9:  “BUT I know better.” Or “BUT he’s an ex for a reason”

#10:  I haven’t drank enough yet.

#11:  The rohypnol I took hasn’t kicked in yet.

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