Day 3 – Caloric Dive

2 Dec


Its midnight. I just cleaned my house without even really thinking about it. I actually got down and scrubbed a few stains in my carpet I’ve been meaning to get to. I was warned of this, and now it’s happening. I’m nesting, I’ve got the mind of a pregnant woman. My friend that hooked me up with my “crack” said that he would reorganize closets over and over for no good reason. So let me set this straight – hCG makes you lose weight, build lean muscle, develop a healthy relationship with food, AND it cleans your house for you? WHY THE HELL are they not handing this stuff out on street corners?

I’ve been absolutely amazed by the results I’m getting. I had so much energy at the gym this morning after having only one cup of green tea. I started getting hungry after I left the gym so I whipped up a batch of fat-friendly chilli. It was exactly the same as my famous packaged-spices “2 alarm chilli” just with tomato paste instead of tomato sauce and no masa flour. I divided it into 4 portions, froze three and ate one with a piece of Melba toast. I wasn’t stuffed but I was actually pleasantly full. I was full of energy the rest of the afternoon too, it was absolutely awesome.

I had a busy work day, about 3 hours worth of massage to give. Usually after a couple hours of work I start getting really hungry. Today I would feel waves of slight hunger but as soon as they’d come they’d go away and I wouldn’t feel hungry at all. I didn’t even have a snack between my two appointments. I grabbed a tiny little piece of Melba toast since I had to run to a friend’s house right after work and didn’t have time to eat and and it was actually satisfying.

I dragged Michael with me to visit my friends since its about a half hour drive. The friends we were going to see were my old roommates who live with her dad in his house. Little back story on the father-in-law: he’s bat shit crazy and likes the booze. To top it off he just had a pacemaker put in so I’m sure there were some pain pills in the mix there as well. I’ve known them all for years but Michael had only met the couple while I lived with them, he had never met the father-in-law Ed.

A little while in to our visit Ed gets up and heads to the bedroom. We were carrying on as usual when he left, I figured he went to bed because he had been slurring and starting half sentences that didn’t make any sense at all. A few minutes later he re-emerges with a plastic airsoft gun, basically like a BB gun but with “softer” pellets.

“Look what I bought my grandson,” His grandson is under 10yo mind you… he started waving the gun around and pointed it straight at me.

“Ed NO!” I yelled, kicking my foot in the air to block is line of sight. He then pointed it at Michael and actually shot him.

“Shit that stung!” He said rubbing his side shocked that this crazy bastard actually shot him. He pointed it back at me, my foot still in the and and he shot me from 6 feet in the back of my leg. GOL FREAKIN DARNIT that hurt. I felt the heat cover my body and head to my eyes. It was one of those stings that makes you want to cry immediately. I haven’t cried at a pain in over 20 years but I was just about to.

He sat the gun down and I took it away hiding it in the closet. He forgot about it for a while then asked for it back so he could go put it away. I figured ok, the fun’s over, he’s actually going to go put it away. I looked at the spot where he shot me and there was a big red bleeding welt. I was about to get a bandaid when he came back out of the bedroom, gun in hand and re-loaded, not put away.

“NO ED, ITS NOT FUCKING FUNNY ANYMORE!” I yelled, throwing my other foot up this time when he aimed it at me again. After yelling over and over to put it away he started shooting again but missed us.

“Alright, time to go!” I said as I grabbed my keys and stood up, as I opened the front door he raised the gun again I grabbed Michael by the shirt and pulled him out the door with me. We booked it to the car and sped away, my friend and Ed coming outside surely to apologize but I didn’t care, the fun was over and I was ready to get the hell out of there.

Well I’m sure THAT burned a few calories! Michael and I jazzed about it most of the way home as he texted everyone he knew saying we had just been shot at. At this point I was actually starving. I grilled a 3.5 oz chicken breast and chopped up a cucumber and a tomato with some salt on the side. I looked at my tiny meal and couldn’t imagine how I was going to feel full but I was actually pretty stuffed – and to top it off it was DELICIOUS. I had a mouthgasm over the strawberries I ate for a snack, they were like candy! I think since your body is technically starving from the extreme low calorie intake everything you eat tastes a lot better because your body is telling you it needs more, which right now it doesn’t because there are about 2000 calories a day being released into my system.

I keep thinking that the diet isn’t going to work for me, there’s no way anyone can lose that quick, yadda yadda yadda but when I jumped on the scale I was 4 lbs lighter than I was 2 days ago, and two of those days were loading days so I’m really excited to see the results I’m going to get. I’m now setting a goal of 230lbs by the end of the program and a cap on it of 210lbs, so if I hit that I’m stopping the injections to avoid losing too much weight. I seriously doubt that will happen but I drop and put on weight pretty fast without hormonal assistance.

Now as I sit in a clean house I imagine the burger I’m going to have for lunch and the shrimp I’m having for dinner tomorrow. I need to find more creative ways to prepare the veggies because eating them by themselves is going to get old real quick…


4 Responses to “Day 3 – Caloric Dive”

  1. Stevie Moore 19 December, 2011 at 1:24 am #

    Great read. I still don’t get why he shot you guys! OUCH!

  2. Justin Thyme 19 December, 2011 at 6:03 am #

    I don’t either! I still have a scar on my leg that hasn’t gone away yet from it. Its all giggles and fun till some crazy bastard gets out a gun…

  3. Roxanne 29 December, 2011 at 8:59 am #

    Hey! Good luck w/the hcg! Sounds like you are determined and doing great so far! Would you mind sharing where you order from? I’m using drops now but wanna make the switch, and would like to find a place to order from. Thanks in advance for your response. Hope you continue to be successful on the diet 🙂

  4. Justin Thyme 7 January, 2012 at 10:41 pm #

    I’m actually not sure of the pharmacy, my friend ordered mine when he got his. I’m going to do another round of it in April, I’ll let you know where it came from when I get it!

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