WTF Paula Deen???

2 Mar

Paula Deen is a crazy slut.  I totally want to party with her.  Click the pic.


Sry, its all lies.

6 Jan

So sorry kids, but no I do not have pictures of the interior of the house used for the cut scenes in Roseanne.

This is such a funny subject, because nothing set-wise on this show makes any sense what so ever.  At all.  Nada.

I have friends that have been to the actual house used for the cut scenes and literally thats ALL they had to do with the show.  They used the same pictures over and over at different speeds at different angles for pretty much all 9 seasons.  The house now has different windows and doors – and from what I’ve gathered its still on the market.

The house doesn’t match the set in any way, I think in previous discussions on other posts we’ve concluded that the set design (especially with the upstairs!) has so many structural flaws theres no way it could actually fit with the house at 619 S Runnymeade in Evansville, IN.  The upstairs doesn’t even maintain consistency from season to season, there’s no way it could do so structurally.

Which brings us to the core of the point at hand:  THE SHOW ISN’T EFFING REAL!  I’m sorry to shatter the illusion but the Conners were a family created by a writer.  They never lived in that house, I mean shit people – BECK WAS PLAYED BY TWO SEPARATE ACTRESSES!!!  It’s television, I heard that when we weren’t looking they used the same set for Family Matters.

About the actual house, this is what one of my readers had to say in a previous blog:

“The problem is the front door. It doesn’t fit the house layout. The door is on the right corner on the outside shots and on the inside shots the door is in the middle. >I was at the actual house today (no one lives there) and the floor plan inside the house is not the same as on the show. It’s not even close. The stairs in the real house are straight ahead as you walk into the house and the living room is to the left.”

He also said “The inside is not the same layout on the show. The picture window is were the living room is and about 10 feet back is a wall parallel with the front of the house. To the right is another section that could be a second small living room but it is overshadowed by the stairs and then it looks like the kitchen is in the back.”

Unfortunately he couldn’t get pictures of the interior because the house was too dark for him camera to pick up any decent images.  Here’s a link to that blog.



The Confederate States of America, or “in defense of the south”

18 Sep

Last night I watched an awesome “cerebral comedy” called the Confederate States of America, a mockumentary about the history of our country if the Confederacy had won.  It was definitely an eye opener, and really made me appreciate exactly how free our country is.

First off, the confederate country is portrayed as having no ethical concept of human rights which I think is pretty inaccurate.  Just because the north decided it was wrong to have slaves before the confederacy did doesn’t mean that the people of the south wouldn’t have eventually gotten the idea that yeah, it’s WRONG to hold other humans as property.

They really made it seem like the North was this pious state that never held slaves when they totally did.  Sure there’s a lot of prejudice still prevalent in the south, people still use the N word, but I think that has little to do with slavery and everything to do with cultural segregation.  Racism isn’t something that’s unique to the south in any way shape or form, all over the world people segregate.  As a planet we’re not at the point of unity yet, as sad as it is it’s just a part of human nature that eventually we’ll grow beyond.

The coasts of our country seem to be the most culturally accepting because they’re both huge cultural mixing pots being the centers of migration but you see racism all around the world, NOT just in the south.  I think as a whole the south has gotten a really bad rap because in essence we’re simpler people.  We like to drink iced tea and beer sitting barefoot on our porches.  And while we’re there we may as well pick at a banjo.  AND WHAT?  What is wrong with that?  Black, white, hispanic, WTF ever you are.  We all sit on our porches and drink.  Sure sometimes the white ones use the N word.  I didn’t say we were all intelligent.  But “honkey” and “gringo” get tossed around pretty frequently too and nobody bitches about that.

They refer to the civil war as the war of Northern Aggression, as many people in the south do.  And it was.  It’s like when people first get “saved”, they decide everyone else they know needs to be saved too.  Sometimes they get really pushy in their beliefs and it gets on everyone else’s nerves.  It was the same deal with slavery.  It doesn’t mean that they were right for keeping human beings as slaves, it means that as a people they didn’t like being told what to do.  I totally understand that it was a moral dilemma for the north, they wanted to be a country free of slavery and couldn’t progress as a unified state with half the population feeling a different way.

I don’t think the south was right for slavery but I think eventually it would have been abolished even if the North wouldn’t have won.  We’re not all just ignorant hicks down here, after each generation takes power paradigms change, and just because we’re simple doesn’t mean we’re not progressive.  Being conservative doesn’t mean stupid just as much as liberal doesn’t mean better, each system works in it’s own way for the right groups of people.

I really enjoyed the movie as a whole though, it was really interesting to see the director’s take on what the world would be like if us dum lil hiks had tooken ovur the cuntree.  Kunsiderin we aint nuttin morr thenn banjo pikin massa’s lookin to whup us an unkle or a mammy.

I got some laughs.


16 Aug

Hey Kids!  Jt DUNDERBRAIN! here, giving sort of a “state of the DUNDERBRAIN!” address.  I’ve been very proactive lately trying to become some kind of established writer, I’ve branded myself, I’ve established a few different blog projects, and now I’m trying to expand to longer more involved projects.  Although I’ve definitely shifted focus to my new blog project The Justinverse I haven’t forgotten about DUNDERBRAIN!.  I’ve always been an independent kind of guy, so now DUNDERBRAIN! is my brand.

Everything I do will be part of the DUNDERBRAIN! network.  This will include videos, blogs, audio content, as well as a potential iPhone/Pod/Pad app that is currently in development.  What a bitch that is too, you know?  With the millions of apps in the iTunes App Store you’d thing any idiot with a navel as big as a peach pit could make one, or maybe I’m just an idiot but this shiznit is hard!

Not to mention I make ZERO dollars off this little horse and pony game so if I want to be able to dedicate more time to building the DUNDERBRAIN! empire and bringing you gems like The Justinverse I’m gonna have to sell out somehow and start advertising.  I’m not mother Theresa, I gotta make a buck here and there.  Also I’ve been trying to tackle a longer project but the 60,000 words that goes into writing a novel is really freakin intimidating to me.  But something like 10-20grand worth of words would be a little easier to tackle.  My problem is I want to run before I walk, I want an awesome novel on some best seller list like TOMORROW but of course that won’t happen.

So I think I may write a short novel for Kindle.  Everybody has a kindle.  I’ll sell it cheap, turn it into a series, and everybody will love it.  THEN I’ll try and tackle a novel.  Anyway, the whole point of this is I haven’t forgotten about the DUNDERBRAIN! I’m just trying to decide what it wants to be when it grows up.  Until them make sure and check out the Planning For Utopia posts that the awesome Marvo the Martian has been posting.  He’s an awesome writer and I love everything he’s been contributing.  Also, come pay me a visit at:

What not to wear.

23 Jul

I like the French. Their readiness to revolt, their willingness to riot, their valuing of culture, their love of food. Oh, and the fact that it’s a secular state attracts me for some reason. I do like a nice separation of state and religion (something the UK lacks – the Queen being both monarch and defender of the faith).

Some time ago – well the back end of the 19th Century to be exact – Jules Ferry wrested education from the control of the clergy and established for France an education system that was free, obligatory and strictly secular. The (various) republics haven’t looked back. I like all of this. It’s not that I’m anti-religious (I describe myself as agnostic – logically this is all I can be, since I want evidence and whilst you can’t prove to me that there is a God, neither I nor anyone else can prove that there isn’t. It’s all down to faith.), but rather that I think the State and government should be for all – and not favour one religious group over another.

I feel I should make an effort to get to the point. Some time ago, the French banned the wearing of crucifixes in schools. I think I raised an eyebrow then. More recently France’s National Assembly voted by a slight majority (336 to 1) to ban the wearing of the face-covering veils (or niqabs) in public. Now I’m just a bit miffed.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of the veil, an certainly women shouldn’t be forced to wear it. There is a debate to be had about that – but that debate is for women of the Islamic faith to have, not a matter for our legislators.
I believe various arguments have been made in France (and elsewhere) about women’s rights, I suspect that it France the banning of the veil is more to do with a wider argument they’re having about the French national identity. Coming a year or two after a Swiss ban on minarets, I detect just a little Islamophobia sweeping Europe too. That aside, I’m not best pleased to see governments laying down the law on what we may and may not wear. Being banned from wearing the veil is every bit as bad being forced to wear it.

Of course, casting my eye over the Great British public, there’s a few things I’d ban too. Muffin-tops, tee-shirts not long enough to cover that beer belly, short skirts and chunky thighs. And the girls aren’t much better. Luckily I’m not in government.

So then, anyone up for a trip to France? Group outing, group dress – burqas?

Further reading:

The Justinverse…

22 Jul

I would like to invite you all to journey over to my new project, The Justinverse.  I started DUNDERBRAIN! over 2 years ago now and I still love it dearly but my personal adventures don’t really fit into the format nearly as much anymore, mostly considering the most popular blogs on the site have to do with either Roseanne or the male hormonal cycle.

I had been considering starting a new project for a while and this week I decided to take the leap and do it.  I’ll still write editorial type stuff for DUNDERBRAIN! but I really didn’t think it fair to make this site about me since it isn’t about me.  The Justinverse however is 😉

It will detail all of my personal adventures and mishaps that the world deserves to know about.  I’ve already got a few entries up so go take a gander, follow my day to day life and get a glimpse of what it’s like to live in the Justinverse…

MIA’s coming back with power power…

19 Jul

HOLY DAMN HELL I’m totally blown away by the new MIA album right now.  I can’t stop listening to it, the twelve gems she dropped were totally worth the wait. The beats are amazing.  It’s lyrically well written even through the definite anti-american overtones.  The message is great but more than a scant hypocritical.  At least her previous albums focused more on world politics, not those of a country she’s spent less than a quarter of her life in.

The marketing was absurd, especially for an artist that claims to be doing it for the music and not the money but I guess with coming to America she’s adopted capitolism like everybody else does.  Seriously, how are you going to release a good chunk of  your album in singles months before the actual album comes out and include lines like “shit is supposed to be free where’s Bob Marley?”

Also, in the first track “the message” the man speaking connects google and the internet to the government which is pretty bold for an artist making her primary income off of it.  Without the internet she would be nothing besides Paper Planes, the radio doesn’t play her stuff.  The only way people know about her is via the internet.  She wouldn’t have money “not to talk about” without that.  And the American audience she’s targeted.

That’s a funny thing about a lot of musicians that claim to be “underground”, they prey on self-hating Americans.  They preach to the spoiled children that grow up with iPods and daddy’s credit cards who try to be political by trashing the country that made it possible for them to own iPods and their daddies to ruin their credit.  Honestly if you don’t like it move back to Sri Lanka, I’m sure the political system is TONS better there…

Maybe I’ve turned into more of a redneck since I’ve lived in Texas but I really don’t think people truly appreciate the freedom we have here, especially when special exceptions have been made for them like miss M.I.A..  If she hates America so much and think Americans are so spoiled why does she preach a message aimed towards us?  The popular vibe seems to be we’re not free even though we are free, that capitolism has ruined America, but capitolism is what bought her the Eurotrash outfits she wears.

OK now with that being said I’ve gotta give her props for calling it as she sees it, but at the same time she’s preying off the same freedom she claims America lacks.  And at that, why the HELL is everybody so pissed off at America?  What about CHINA?  NORTH KOREA?  IRAN?  What about the true evils of the world?  Sure we’ve committed our own share of crimes against humanity but at least we have red tape to go through to do it, that’s a lot more than you can say about a huge chunk of the rest of the wold.  At least we don’t monitor the menstrual cycles of the women living here to make sure they’re not pregnant.  At least the extent of our limitation on gay rights is basically superficial at this point, not life threatening like many other countries.  If you don’t like it try moving to a country that will accept you without any education or proper job skills, see how you like it there and get back to me.

I definitely suggest pirating this album.  It’s a must have for any MIA fan but the only people that actually feed into the bullshit message she’s trying to convey either need to come to America (LEGALLY) and see what it’s like or get off their social high horses and realize that the USofA really ain’t that bad.

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