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What the holy SH!T man???

14 Jul

Unfortunately, the world isn’t controlled by the DVR. Occasionally I have to watch commercials and I always get so freaked out by the drug comercials. The one with the guy carrying around the vat of uric acid always makes me gag, I really don’t care to think about people’s uric acid. This new ad for Abilify totally blew my mind though.  I really can’t tell if its trying to promote or discourage the use of this drug, but after watching this I don’t want anything to do with it at all!

NYUUCHH!!! NO SIR!!! Why the HELL would anybody put something like this in their body after watching this commercial? Sure you might be flopping around on the floor, forehead on fire with fever unable to move any of your rigid spasming muscles but you’re happy! I guess I’d be in control of my depression too if I were paralyzed on the floor with green fluids gushing from every hole in my body.

The thing that concerns me is this HAS to be some kind of last resort drug, like the kind doctors give to patients who have no hope left in the world not tote around in every commercial slot during daytime tv!

I swear some people treat prescriptions like Pokemon cards, they go to these crackpot doctors and find all the really obscure drugs then show them off to all their other crazy friends in the Cat Clubs and at Hobby Lobby and Michaels when they stalk the craft aisles for new blocks of wood to paint, or little plastic plaster of paris molds for the crude ornaments they send everyone they know for Christmas.

This video seems to be a little more my speed:

With this being said, even having pot on you is punishable with jail time but Abilify CAN KILL YOU and they’re selling it on TV.

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